PS: Group Academy

Learning is truly a lifelong process. And there’s no graduation when it comes to this biz. The industry is ever changing and evolving and that’s why PS: Group is proud to introduce our series of marketing workshops and masterclasses. 

Classes cover a wide-range of topics such as SEO, email marketing and client avatars. We use relevant examples to explain complex concepts as applied to the adult industry.

We maintain a small group format, capping each class at just 8 attendees. Classes are held virtually and participants receive a full set of recap notes the following day. 

PS Group's Miss Elle puts big concepts into great, bite-sized little nuggets, and explains them to you. And if you're really into absolutely maximizing your marketing? That's when things get really fun. I love that I can just sit there, editing my website as we go through, and tweak things that I knew were already working pretty well.

For example, I could get my website on the first page of some very specific google searches in "smaller" cities. But I just couldn't crack the top three in one. I'm not kidding you, days after the SEO workshop, my website was on the first page in one of my major cities! It was the obvious SEO superstars that you're just never going to compete with, and right there at the bottom, my page.

And it's not just SEO. After the email marketing class, I completely DOUBLED my virtual options income! I didn't add a ton of new subscribers, I didn't change the content I offered, I just used the tools each website gave me better. I love that PS Group workshops are targeted enough that I can improve on platforms I'm already familiar with. I don't need to be told how to make or manage a mailing list, I need to perfect how I work it.



Hitting Send: Fundamentals of Email Marketing

There’s a lot more to  email marketing than remembering to send out that dreaded newsletter. In this masterclass we cover how to manage your lists, effective segmentation, engagement campaigns and what to do to avoid the spam filter. Don’t worry, we plan for multiple Q&A breaks!

There are unlimited spaces for this FREE event!

Date & Time: TBD
Cost: FREE


Peepshow Media is an independent, performer-centered source for news and stories from the sex industry. Run by Jessie and PJ Sage, Peepshow started in 2017 with the Peepshow Podcast, and then branched out to the Peepshow Column in 2018. In 2020, Peepshow Media was launched as a magazine-style website as a hub for both these projects as well as reporting on industry-relevant news; essays; interviews with performers; film, toy, and equipment reviews; and so much more.

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Juicing Your SEO

If you’ve ever struggled to truly understand terms like Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Schema and Backlinks, you’re not alone. In this 90 min class, we explain SEO concepts as it relates to sex worker sites. We will look at parts of everyone’s current efforts, providing personalized recommendations for how to take it to the next level. 



In the first half of this advanced class, you’ll learn how to navigate Google Analytics and use those data-based discoveries to optimize your website. The second half will cover how to effectively use keywords in your content, making it especially SEO-happy!

Prerequisite: We strongly recommend participants take our Juicing Your SEO class beforehand or have an existing solid grasp on SEO practices.



In this beginner’s class, we learn all about what crypto is, how to use it and the best ways to keep your information secure. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to get started future-proofing your investment. Make your money work for you!



More info coming soon!

Prerequisite: Participants should have taken our Introduction to Cryptocurrency class or have an existing knowledge of how digital currencies work.