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Hello... @everyone (maybe)

Adult social media marketing is like the Wild West .

Every sex worker knows that traditional rules and platform policies apparently don’t apply to us. It’s almost a rite of passage to experience shadowbanning, censorship or abrupt suspension. We are inevitably on borrowed time.

Fair? Absolutely not. Reality? Yup.

Beyond that, social media marketing is an Achilles heel for so many of us. It is difficult to stay consistent, on brand and drive sales while maintaining a sane, positive attitude. 

We’re here to support and advise you on platforms which allow us the most leeway. We currently offer a robust service designed for coaching and/or managing your sex work Reddit.

Coming soon: Discord Marketing! 

Sex Work Reddit

For many of us Reddit is an enigma. Sex work Reddit specifically can be frustrating and overwhelming.

With over 430 million monthly active users Reddit can easily bump your Onlyfans income (or any other premium channel) to the next level, but only if you use it correctly and strategically.

The beauty of using Reddit for adult social media marketing is that the platform allows you to directly target niche markets, while promoting yourself safely.  The likelihood of being banned or suspended is less than the majority of other social media platforms.

In addition, you can build a fanbase of users who love your unique look and vibe very quickly.  When posting consistently and strategically, you can funnel that following to your preferred subscription based site, resulting in  more SALES.

But how to start? That’s where we come in.

REDDIT for sex workers


Whether you’re brand new to sex work Reddit or  (begrudgingly) already a user, we begin with a bootcamp, teaching you the do’s & don’ts of the platform as well as best practices for driving traffic to your site.


We proceed with a deep dive into your brand &  business objectives, learning your Reddit history and experience (if any). We perform market research to review similar accounts and identify opportunities.


Together we will develop a strategy for how to market your business with the use of creative captions, diverse media content, niche subreddits and umbrella methods for earning karma and followers.


After equipping you with your new sex work Reddit strategy and a comprehensive list of subreddits and caption ideas, we transition to accountability coaches. We check in weekly and meet every 3 weeks to discuss overall progress.

Test & Learn

We continue to advise on subreddit opportunities, assess how successful your captions and content have been, and tweak your strategy to apply our discoveries to the next cycle. Most importantly, we discuss overall impact the work has had on your sales.


In addition to our coaching service, we also offer a very limited number of spaces for full management. We’ll run your Reddit from top to bottom: posting, creating captions, researching, replying to DMs and more. Inquire here if this is more your jam.

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