About Us

We're a team that delivers

WHO are y'all? No, Seriously...

PS: Group is a marketing firm exclusively for independent escorts and sex workers. Our founder is a retired companion who also worked at leading ad agencies for well over a decade.

We’re proud to say that in addition to being equipped with first hand knowledge of the sex work industry, our team collectively has over 60 years of mainstream marketing experience.

We’ve conceived and led campaigns for companies like Amazon’s Audible, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and for porn performers such as Jenna Jameson and the late Candida Royelle. We’ve worked for advertising legends and entertainment icons, winning awards for design and strategy.  

Comprised of (almost) all women, our team also includes graphic designers, a SEO copywriter, two DJs, a former news editor and one canine who likes to photobomb. 

Rest assured, we know our sh*t and are here to support you. If you’re ready to do the work, we are ready to work with you, watching as your business grows. 

The Crew

Carly David


Rand Fullerton

Creative Director

Crafty Casey

Art Director

Miss Elle

PS: Academy professor

Vanessa Fey

Project manager