Hitting Send:
Email Marketing

Featuring Carly David

In this webinar, created exclusively for those in the adult industry,  PS: Group’s Carly David, covers the fundamentals of email marketing as it applies to sex workers.

She discusses how to build a strategy, segment your lists, design your emails, test your content, track your performance, and avoid the dreaded spam filter! Finally, she provides a list of adult-friendly options for email marketing platforms. 

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Reddit: Navigating A Digital Jungle

Featuring Suki Jade

Do you use Reddit to promote or market your adult business? Why aren’t more models using Reddit the way we do Twitter or IG? Well, it’s the Wild West. And many of us have no idea how it works as a marketing tool or even where to begin!

Social Media Director Suki Jade leads viewers through a presentation on the benefits of using Reddit, best practices for posting, a step-by-step plan for crafting a strategy and tips on how to protect yourself from Reddit burnout. Finally, we will discuss how to safeguard your mental wellbeing when encountering any negative engagement.

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