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Little Puck is an award-winning content creator and adult performer. She brings her fans (called the Puck Pack) on a journey of excitement and surprise with every scene she creates. She serves as an inspiration to emerging creators and vets alike with her innovative concepts, quirky visions and high production value. A staunch advocate for equality and sex worker rights, she reminds us: We can always do better.


We first met Little Puck on a Cosplay panel we sponsored, hosted by Peepshow Magazine. (Check it out here!) After attending a few of our classes, Puck hired PS: Group to create her very first personal website. 

Her primary objective was to have a digital home for her brand, a centralized place for the Puck Pack to learn all about the superstar. She also wanted to work on her SEO, building up her domain authority and establishing brand equity with Google.

For the site’s creative direction, she indicated “I want the user to feel like they are in a Cyberpunk Neon Nightclub from the 80s.” A quick search led us down a rabbit hole of visual inspiration, landing on the Art Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan for our final aesthetic guide. And thus, Puck’s “online museum” was born.



Her website transformed into an exclusive Online Museum dedicated solely to her. Each segment of the website represents a distinct museum wing.

Moreover, we devised a top-tier color scheme by matching the colors with those found in the Art Aquarium exhibits. Each website section possesses its unique set of colors derived from the overarching scheme. Using these color palettes as a foundation, we incorporated custom flashing neon lights throughout the website.

We constructed multiple custom forms, created a mega menu, highlighted her stunning photos with filterable multi-media galleries, and integrated motion effects with many of of the elements animating upon scroll.

One particular section, the Props “Wing”, has become our favorite area of Puck’s museum. Within this section, she showcases a press page, an awards page, and a page dedicated to the Puck Pack. Press serves as an interactive media kit, and Awards highlights her accomplishments and personal aspirations. However, it is the Love Notes page that makes us smile with it’s hall of fame shoutouts, fan art gallery and glowing testimonials.



The anticipation leading up to the site launch was immense, and the reception it received, along with the overwhelmingly positive feedback, surpassed all our expectations. Within the first 24 hours, the website attracted a staggering number of over 5,000 users.

Following the successful launch, Puck and PS: Group’s Carly David co-hosted a webinar entitled “Behind The Curtain: The Little Puck Pls Journey,” which delved into the creative process behind the website’s development. This webinar allowed viewers to gain an exclusive glimpse into the behind-the-scenes efforts.

Little Puck’s exceptional talent and dedication have been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. She secured the XBIZ Creator Award for Best Cosplay Clip Artist in 2022, followed by the impressive title of 2023 MV Queen of the Year. Before these remarkable achievements, she had already clinched the YNOT Cam Award for Best Cosplay Artist. 

Beyond her achievements in the awards circuit, Little Puck has been speaker for a number of industry panels and conferences, solidifying her status as a respected and influential figure. 

“Your. Website. Every time I look!! I am floored!! The smartiest sluttiest suckiest slobberiest squishiest!! Absolute. Porn. Star. Goals.” 

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