Meet The PSG Support Team

Sex Worker Pets...

PS: Group would not be who we are without the help of our fur babies. The love and support they provide helps us stay sane, creative and just the right kind of kooky. They frequently wreak havoc but the gray hairs they give us only make us stronger and more resilient.

Shocker! Sex workers who are obsessed with their pets!

We thought we’d take a moment to introduce you here to the team behind the team. 

Bodie & Jamiroquai

Bodie is the leader of the fur pack but rarely sets a good example for his brother Jamirri. He is a diva, manipulative sweetheart and expert bone connoisseur. Currently working on a future TED Talk, Bodie is our mascot and resident photobomber. Jamiroquai paw-ed his way into an Nepo Baby Internship. Naturally.


Kayla Jane Danger’s Piglet 1. Piglet 2. Piglet 1. Piglet 2.  

[Name Redacted]

Brooke Nichols’ kitty is face-in. Please respect her privacy.

Sebastien (or Sebastian)

Sebastien (which is the correct spelling, Mrs. Deet tells us) frequently wanders in and out of the two offices around the house. He makes his presence known by falling asleep in a funny position or demanding to be fed. Beyond that, he doesn’t really do anything helpful, but we like to think that he does try really hard.

Ravioli & Dita Von Slut Muffin

Clearly these two are shoe-ins for the Best Pet Names Award. Sydney Screams & Cassie Cummings are proud parents of the winning duo.


THAT SMILE. Laura Desirée’s doggo, Chief, reminds us daily that, all things considered, life is pretty good.

Steph Sia's Plants

Some of us have a different manifestation of pet. Steph’s mini menagerie features an assortment of Bonsai trees or “something like that” plants. 

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