Juicing Your Adult SEO

In this webinar, we break down “Adult SEO;” search engine optimization as it applies to the XXX industry.

WTF is Adult SEO?

Disclaimer: This webinar took place in October 2022. Google has since made many algorithm changes and core updates, making some of the presentation’s content outdated. We encourage you to research current guidelines.

Adult search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques website owners use to make Google suggest your site over others, increasing visibility and driving traffic. 

Basically, the processes that will make Google “like” your website. And Adult SEO? Exactly what you’d think. 

It sounds complex, and it can be. But there are fundamental principles that ANYONE can understand and apply. So in this video, we break down “Adult SEO” — search engine optimization as it applies to the XXX industry, followed by tips for effectively optimizing your current or future website.

For this webinar, Carly David covers the basics terms, strategies and best practices: your guide for what to do and what NOT to do.

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0:00 Intro
3:55 What is SEO?
9:00 SEO Fundamental Principles
13:30 Types of SEO: On Page
29:23 Types of SEO: Technical
37:40 Types of SEO: Off Page
39:45 Location-Based SEO
40:58 Black Hat SEO – What Not To Do
44:09 Benefits of Blogging
46:44 Multiple Domain Strategy
49:46 Outsourcing Your SEO
52:22 Recap