Discord for Sex Workers

In this webinar, Suki Jade discusses the benefits, best practices and challenges of Discord for sex workers. Ready to build yours?
discord for sex workers webinar

Discord 101

In this class, Social Media Director Suki Jade leads viewers through a step by step “how to” on Discord for sex workers. 

The presentation consists of a discussion surrounding the benefits of having a Discord for your Adult business, a basic demo on how to create a Discord server and a Q&A on networking best practices and strategies.

Referenced Links

Discords Mentioned
Siri Dahl
Cami Strella
Jane Wilde
Suki Jade

SW Discords (all require verification & approval)
Redgifs Server
CAM FAM: connect with Tantric_Eden#0218
SW Network
Melody’s Madhouse

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0:00 Intro
2:14 What is Discord?
4:53 Pros and Cons
7:33 Creating a Discord
12:15 Server Settings
17:50 Community Server
19:57 Nitro
20:31 Monetizing a Discord
21:33 Populating a Discord
24:17 Example Discords
30:59 Networking