Winning The Retention Game

Guest speaker Nikki Night shares her favorite tips for how to engage your fans and keep them coming back again and again.

Retaining your customers is KEY to longterm success.

It’s crucial for SWers in the adult industry to put themselves in their customers’/clients’ shoes and think about how they can improve the sales experience.

This involves not only delivering a quality product or service but also creating a positive and engaging environment for customers to interact with. SWers should focus on maintaining what has worked in the past while incorporating new ideas and strategies to keep things fresh.

This webinar reviews classic techniques with a modern twist all with the power to build lasting relationships with your fans, customers, clients and subs while establishing boundaries to sustain yourself and your business.

Regardless of whether you are an online performer or an in person worker, these principles will help boost your customer relationships and increase profits.

About Nikki Night

Nikki started camming in 2010 (on MFC full-time) until early 2013 when she was recruited as a cam model for PlayBoyLive. Her Playboy status would be short lived though! Soon after she started, she was given the opportunity to work at a major cam site’s Head Office as a Coach. (This had never been done before)

For 6 years, she worked behind the scenes creating / writing / developing a model coaching program, training her team of coaches and live coaching in front of the camera with the models.

Over the years, Nikki has trained 8000+ models both through group sessions and 1-on-1 cam training online. Her success comes from knowledge she’s gained working BOTH sides of the camera.

Learn more about Nikki at Follow her on Twitter:  @Nikki_Night and Instagram: @CamCoachNikki.


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0:00 Intro
3:41 Overview
11:34 Boundaries & Expectations
15:20 Communication & Engagement Strategy
19:09 Communication Channels
22:08 ChatGPT
32:43 Strategy Into Practice
34:03 Gamification
38:57 Recap
41:44 Q&A