Hitting Send: Email Marketing 101

If you’re a sex worker looking to use email marketing, be sure to watch this webinar before hitting send.

Does email marketing actually work?

Find out in this webinar, created exclusively for those in the adult industry. PS: Group’s Carly David, covers the fundamentals of email marketing for models & providers.

She discusses how to build a strategy, segment your lists, design your emails, test your content, track your performance, and avoid the dreaded spam filter!

Finally, she provides a list of adult-friendly options for email marketing platforms.

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0:00 – Intro
3:21 – Strategy
6:48 – Segmentation
9:50 – Metrics
17:08 – Testing Fundamentals
25:00 – Testing Applied
30:50 – Content
34:33 – List Management
47:38 – Your Platform Options
50:41 – Recap